Frequently asked question

01. What is daily gratitude?

It is an act of writing down what you truly feel grateful for every day. It is not about saying 'Thank you', but an effort of calling positive memory. To most starters, it sounds simple and little bit... silly. However, trust me, after a period of time, you shall feel it magic. Also, you might heard from scientists and thinkers from daily gratitude quotes.

02. What are some tips when practicing daily gratitude?

Start small and be persistent. You might not see a result effect immediately, but over 3-4 weeks. In my case, I start with three items first, then five, ten, fifteen, tweenty, etc. The truth is that it is hard to remember good thing in our lives. Human mind is so easily wired with negative content. It does take effort to change how we see and feel the world.

03. What if I need help to accomplish a task?

This is what Deep Gratitude is trying to do. At this moment, all we are sending you a reminder to practice daily gratitude. You can find some online communities on social media and other platforms. However, they would not be a perfection solution.

04. How this happens?

Last year I became a regular practitioner of daily gratitude. However, it was really hard to make it become a habit without a reminder. To help myself, I tried several things and one of them works.

05. How about quality of content? Do I have to pay for it?

I try to double fact check all of these quotes before turning any into a post. Content are selected from trustworthy sources. To diversify knowledge, we make sure they do not come from only a school of thought or religion or a period of time. In general, they are all about Gratitude. All are completely free.

06. What if I don't want to receive further quotes?

You can unsubscribe by yourself via email. At this moment, our current system is still incomplete. There are some bugs but we are trying to make it better over time. Please bear with us if you encounter some issues. Also, send us a message for any idea or quotes that you would love to see.